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Macau/Macao has a small land area and territory consisting of 2 islands and a peninsula. It was colonized by Portuguese in the 16th century and was subsequently given back to China in 1997 and became one of its Special Administrative Region.

Macau possesses vast history, culture and economics. The Largo do Senado is the main area. It is a Mediterranean Square surrounded by old buildings and churches. The square is full of shops and restaurants. You can see the town center from Monte Fort. The world renowned Sao Paulo de Ruinas and Museum de Macau are located here.

Two bridges connect the Peninsula making it possible to reach Taipa Island, wherein Macau International Airport, various hotels and casinos, stadium are located.

The other island is called Coloane, dubbed as the home of Macau’s best beaches and golf course. 
Sao Paolo de Ruinas

Largo do Senado

  10 Things to Do in Macau (my list):

1.       Visit Macau Museum and picture taking at Sao Paulo de Ruinas
2.       Temple and Church Visit
3.       Check out the view of the busy Town from Mount Fortress
4.       Shopping at Largo do Senado
5.       Experience their Delicious and Famous Egg Tart and dried Meat
6.       Casino
7.       Experience the World’s highest Bungee Jumping, Sky walk and Jump at Macau Tower
8.       Venetian Shopping
9.       Visit Fisherman Wharf
10.   And if have more time, go swimming
The Venetian

Venetian's Gondola Rides
Venetian's Shuttle / Bus Service
Venetian Hotel Hall Way 

Lisboa Hotel and Casino
MGM Grand
 Getting Around:

Buses are available in Peninsula, Taipa and Coloane. The transportation is fixed at a rate of 2.50 MOP within the Peninsula, 3.30 MOP and 5.00MOP if going to Taipa and Coloane, respectively.

Hotels and casinos offer free shuttle and bus services but their routes are only from their location going to the airport, ferry terminal and to the border of mainland China.

I was able to go through Macau from their 3 ports namely Macau Ferry Terminal (coming from Hong Kong), Mainland China-Macau Border (coming from Guangdong) and Macau International Airport (coming from Manila) and I enjoyed the hotel and casinos’ free transportation services.

As I said Macau is small and a whole-day tour will be sufficient to visit all of its attractions.
View from Macau Tower

Macau Tower

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