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Day 7: December 28, 2012

Wadi Rum (Elevated Valley), also known as The Valley of the Moon, cut into the sandstone and granite rock in Jordan. There are lots of adventures to choose from in Wadi Rum. They offer mountain biking, desert camping, camel and horse riding,  climbing the highest peaks, sand boarding and if you want unforgettable way experience to view Wadi Rum, aboard a hot air balloon.

If El Nido, Palawan has stone mountains on its blue sea, Wadi Rum has stone mountains in its red dessert.

Wadi Rum is also famous as the location where the movie Lawrence of Arabia was shot, a British 1962 epic film. On June 25, 2011, it was inscribed a one of UNESCO World Heritage site.

I just hired a local Bedouin guide and take me in the middle of the Valley with his 4x4 jeep.

How to get there:

We travelled for almost 2 hours to reach Wadi Rum from Petra. Amazing panoramic views and a sense of deep serenity are the perks of the trip.

From Amman, head south on the Desert Highway or the more scenic Kings’ highway that will take about 4 hours. From Aqaba, head north for less than one hour journey.

Click this link for more info regarding JETT Bus of Jordan.

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