VISA to Holyland for Filipino

When my Biblical Land Itinerary was completed together with confirmed hotel and airfare booking, it was the time to apply for my visit visa for Holy land.


Philippine Passport holders don’t need visit visa in Israel. Upon arrival Israeli immigration will stamp a 3-months permit visa. This visa is not valid as working visa. Make sure that you have a return airfare ticket and hotel/tour booking or invitation letter from a friend or company in Israel. There is a possibility that the immigration officer will ask you of these documents. 

Israel Immigration Stamped (Blue is Jordan's)
Why Philippine passport holders are free visa in Israel?

The Israel–Philippines relations refer to the bilateral ties between the State of Israel and the Republic of the Philippines.
Full diplomatic relations between the two countries were realized upon the signing of the Treaty of Friendship on Feb 26, 1958. The Israeli embassy in Manila and the Filipino embassy in Tel Aviv opened in 1962.
The Philippines voted in favour of UN Resolution 181 concerning the partition of Palestine and the Creation of the State of Israel in 1947. The Philippines was among the 33 countries who supported the creation of Israel and the only Asian country to who voted for.
The UN resolution, which marked January 27, as a yearly commemorative to honour the Holocaust's victims, was co-sponsored by the Philippines.” – Wikipedia


Philippine passport holders need visit visa in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Jordanian Consular Office in Manila will accept all visa applications and be forwarded to Jordan Embassy in Tokyo Japan. Processing Time is 2 to 4 weeks but my application ran for more than 40 days. 

       1.Completely filled up Application form
       2. 2 copies 2 x 2 ID picture
       3. Proof of Purpose of Travel / Itinerary (e.g. airfare return ticket, hotel/tour booking or invitation   letter)
       4. Employment Certificate and Latest Income Tax Return (No need for Bank Certification)
       5. Photo copy of Passport (original is needed when your visa is already approved)
      6. Photo copy of visa of countries previously visited (expired or not expired)
        7.Application fee Php 4,350.00 (US$100) to be paid upon application

Jordanian Consular Office Address in Manila
3rd Floor Room 315 Sitio Grande Bldg.
409 A. Soriano Ave. Intramuros Manila
Telefax : +632-310-5160

If you need to follow up your application in Tokyo, like what I did, here is their contact information:

Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
# 39-8 Kamiyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone # 00813-5478-7177
Contact Person: Mr. Damra         Extension:24


Applying for an Egypt Visa was not stressful unlike when I applied for a Jordan visa. I read some posts and travel blogs saying that their application was denied. Perhaps they had incomplete requirements. The embassy requires submitting application with complete requirements one month before the travel date.

1.       Application form to be filled up at the embassy
2.       2 copies 2 x 2 ID picture
3.       Photocopy of passport (original will be presented when visa approved)
4.       Airfare return ticket
5.       Hotel and/or tour booking
6.       Certificate of Bank Deposits
7.       Employment Cert. and latest Income Tax Return
8.       Photocopy of visa of countries previously visited (expired or non expired)
9.       Visa fee  Php 1,050.00 (US$25) single entry visa valid up to 6 months (payment will be collected when visa approved) 

Egypt Embassy in the Philippines

                7th Floor 150 GC Corporate Plaza Bldg
                Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village
                Makati  City
                Tel. No. +632-8439220


All foreign visitors including Filipinos are allowed to go to Palestine, just bring your passport with Israel Visa.

Going to Palestine from Israel is easy, just walk along the path provided by the Israeli police but Going out from the territory you need to present your passport with Israel visa to Israeli Police and scan your things before they open the gate.

Entrance Gate going to Palestine Territory
Behind that Fence is Palestine Territory (West Bank)


  1. Bojo,

    Seems you didn't have return ticket...did you travel through Sinai, and entry to the region via Cairo, and exit via Tel-Aviv or v.v.?

    I'll be getting a tourist visa for a travel in August. My itinerary would enter Cairo, then Sinai, exit at Taba to Israel..


  2. Hi Roel,
    I have return tickets ELAL Bkk-Tel Viv-Bkk. With your itinerary you need to get Egypt Visa only, since Philippine passport holders are free visa in Israel of 90 days of stay. When applying you Egypt Visa you need to present your Return ticket/eticket and other requirments as I stated above. Thanks bojo

  3. Hello again Bojo,

    how long does it take for the Egyptian Embassy to issue a tourist visa, like in your case? I already provided the documents last May 19, and until now there are no update yet.. I'm planning to call next week for a follow-up.

    1. To Roel,

      Did you get your Egyptian Visa? I was just wondering how strict they are now. How much is required for the bank deposit?


    2. My visa application took only 10 days to process. They are not strict as long as you submitted all the requirements needed. With regards to bank cert. I don't have any idea how much. It should be more than the total amount of your expenses while on travel, and be sure your fund is moving with your bank for at least 6 months or more.


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