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November  2007
Cambodia, tagged as the Kingdom of Wonders, is one of the poorest nations in the world but its history and culture is very rich. This is the main reason why I urge travellers to visit this country to experience and witness its greatness and for them to find their own justification on why it is prominent worldwide.

From the backpackers’ haven of Saigon, we took the Mekong bus express around 7 in the morning and arrived at Phnom Penh City, Cambodia’s Capital, around 2:30 in the afternoon. We rode on another bus going to Siem Reap City. 

At the Vietnam-Cambodia border, the conductor assists all the passengers for the immigration process. Philippine passport holders and other ASEAN members are not required to have a visa to go into these two countries.

About 8:00 in the evening, we arrived at Siem Reap. We negotiated with some Tuk-tuk drivers to take us to our hotel. Some of them offered their services for a whole-day tour at the Angkor Archaeological Park. Unfortunately, I forgot the rate but it is affordable.

National Museum (not yet operating on Nov 2007)
I will not discuss this expedition in details but  Pusang Kalye's Siem Reap Travel Summary  will give you additional information and travel tips.


CURRENCY: Cambodian Riel

    1.00 USD
4,120.00 KHR
1 USD = 4,120.00 KHR
1 KHR = 0.000242718 USD

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