Monday, October 7, 2013

UAE Visa for Philippine Passport Holders

Philippine Passport Holders residing in the Philippines should ensure that they hold a valid visit visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) before they travel to this country.

Filipinos who wish to enter the UAE for tourism, visit relatives or friends or similar reasons, may apply visit visa through sponsor.  Sponsor who is residing in UAE will apply visa in his/her behalf.

Who are the qualified sponsors?

1.       Some airlines with flight to UAE from Manila, such as Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways will sponsor visit visa to passengers flying with them.   
2.       Hotels in the UAE, or some accredited travel agencies.
3.       A Company operating in the UAE
4.       An emigrant  can sponsor his first and second degree of family members
5.       UAE nationals can sponsor a visitor with a minimum monthly salary of AED 3,000

In my case, I booked a hotel though accredited travel agency, with the help of my friend’s travel agency, CITYLIGHT TRAVEL AND TOURS INC.


1.       Visa Fee USD 100.00
2.       Scan colored copy of Passport (information page)
3.       Scan passport size colored photo with white background
4.       Airfare e-ticket

Visa application must be filed at least 1 month prior departure, and the processing time is 7 working days. I sent my requirements to my sponsor through email and paid the visa fee via online banking.

My UAE visit visa with 2 months validity


  1. Good day! Is your eVisa okay to Philippine immigration officer?

  2. Good day! Is your eVisa okay to Philippine immigration officer?

  3. Philippine passport holders should read this informative blogs. I am planning to go to Dubai maybe on November and my sister will sponsor my visit there we will get the services of AL AHLI TRAVEL & TOURIST AGENCY I am very excited, what are the tourist spot that you already visited in UAE (Dubai)?